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Inext Admin Dashboard Template + Landing Page

Inext Admin Theme is a premium administrator dashboard layout with level configuration idea. It is completely responsive administrator dashboard, layout manufactured with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a gigantic gathering of reusable UI parts and incorporated with most recent jQuery plugins.  It can be utilized for all sort of web applications like custom administrator board, venture administration framework, administrator dashboard, application backend, CMS or CRM.


  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery Sparkline charts
  • jQuery Knob charts
  • Notify plugin
  • jQuery DataTables
  • jQuery mCustomScrollBar
  • jQuery TagsInput plugin
  • jQuery Maskedinput plugin
  • jQuery Validation Engine plugin
  • jQuery Validation
  • Summernote editor
  • Codemirror plugin
  • jVectorMap plugin
  • Blueimp Gallery
  • Bootstrap colorpicker
  • Bootstrap datepicker
  • Bootstrap file input
  • Bootstrap select
  • Bootstrap timepicker
  • Dropzone
  • File Input
  • File tree
  • Fullcalendar
  • iCheck
  • Morris charts
  • NDV3 charts
  • OWL Carousel
  • Range Slider
  • Rickshaw charts
  • Scroll To Top
  • Smart Wizard
  • Table Export
  • Tocify
  • Bootstrap Tour
  • Bootstro

Initiated on 09/12/2015

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Version 1.0
Bootstrap Compatible with 3.3.x
Layout responsive
Browser chrome
Categories admin
Tags Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard with Landing Page
Responsive Admin Dashboard
Bootstrap admin dashboard
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Released 2 Years ago
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